"PUSH Agency is an agency dedicated to service, and the people of the agency embody this value.  Our nonprofit organization delivers empowerment and sexual health education for trafficked (and at-risk) children in Arizona and abroad -- especially girls between 11-17 years of age.

The children whom we serve are hard.  They are fierce.  They are funny.  They are brilliant.   And they share common beliefs.  Beliefs born from their past: they believe that they don't matter.
PUSH Agency is changing that.  Through generous contribution, PUSH Agency is reducing the suffering of children who have been trafficked and opening the possibility of them loving themselves.  Through generous support, PUSH Agency is empowering children and preventing trafficking.  PUSH Agency does not only donate to causes it's people are passionate about -- PUSH Agency's people are volunteers dedicating their time to the cause of protecting children."
Damien Salamone, Ph.D., Co-Founder, HEAL International